I've been teaching guitar since the age of 17.

I was taking lessons at the Music Gallery, a long standing institution on Chicago's North Shore, when my instructor at the time recommended me to fill in for him over a few weekends that he couldn't fulfill.  Naturally I was reluctant at first, but the school's owner thought it was a good idea, and thus began my career as a guitar instructor.

I was inspired by that initial experience, and began to plaster signs around my hometown.  I had worked a number of odd jobs, but it became immediately clear that teaching music was the only start to make a living.  I continued to teach through college, earning a full time position at the Music Gallery, as well as guest and substitute teaching spots at several other Chicago area music schools.

In 2008 I moved to New York City to pursue graduate school.  During that time I taught guitar lessons at New York University as an adjunct professor, as well as at the NYC Guitar School in midtown Manhattan.

Beginning in 2016, I began to teach for an after school music program in Los Angeles called the LOUD program, focusing on full band instruction and music fundamentals through games and development.

I have taught guitar lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons and songwriting lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.  I believe that music is a fully immersive experience, and that every person has the capability to develop a relationship to and with music.  This can be achieved through instrumental practice, learning about new and different things, training one's 'ear' to hear in new and exciting ways, and of course just having fun and playing!  

Contact me to set up a trial lesson for yourself, your spouse, son, daughter, loved one or relative, and see just how far you can go!  You may just surprise yourself.